WWE Legends Series 15

Year Released: 2022

WWE Wrestling Mattel Elite Legends Series 15 Lex Luger Kane Stacy Keibler X-Pac DX Army Chase Variant Figures Set Picture Checklist
Scheduled to release June/July 2022! Kane, Stacy Keibler, X-Pac, and Lex Luger (NWO and chase in orange)

- Kane
- Stacy Keibler (Miss Hancock)
- X-Pac
- Lex Luger (NWO Wolfpac)
- Lex Luger (Chase Variant)

WWE Legends Series 15 Figures

Stacy Keibler (Miss Hancock)

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Lex Luger (NWO Wolfpac)

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Lex Luger (Chase Variant)

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