X Toys

Little is known about this company, but they were responsible for the Warner Bros. film Wild Wild West's toy licensing in 1999.

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Saturday Night Live

Released in conjunction of Saturday Night Live's 25th Anniversary, X-Toys released four figures in the first wave of SNL Series 1: Samurai Baker, Goat Boy, Nat, and Mary Katherine Gallagher. Low sales...

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Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West was a line of figures by X-Toys, who made the Warner Bros Film figures after the movie released in 1999. Only one series of Wild Wild West figures were produced, featuring the likeness...

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Wing Commander

The first line by X-Toys. Marine Blair, Blair in Flight Suit, Kilrathi Pilot, Kilrathi General, Commander Taggart, Pilgrim Traitor, Marshall, and Deveraux were included in the first and only series....

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