Remco was a company that produced action figures and toys, going back to the 1940's. They were acquired by a larger company in the 70s after declaring bankruptcy but the parent company kept the Remco name for toy products. Included in Remco's library of figures were Karate Kid, AWA All Star Wrestling, Universal Monsters, Addams Family, and many more!

Remco dissolved in 1997 when it was purchased by Jakks Pacific.

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Addams Family

Figures based off of the TV show....

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All Star Wrestlers (AWA Wrestling)

Remco's AWA All Star Wrestlers was the first line of wrestling action figures available in the United States, beginning in the mid 80s. This line was actually produced before LJN's WWF Wrestling Super...

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All-American Wrestling Federation (AAWF)

Made in 1991, these are GI Joe styled and sized and are supposed to be based on fictitious wrestling characters.This is likely because they no longer had the license to make AWA figures. The AWA folde...

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1983 Figure line...

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Disney Character Activity Set

Shortlived 1977 series of Disney figures...

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Karate Kid


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Swat Kats

1994 line by Remco featuring Hanna Barbera's Swat Kats. ...

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Universal Monsters

This line includes Regular and Glow in the Dark Action Figures....

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