LJN was a famous toy company in the 1980's, with hit lines like Dungeons and Dragons, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and most notibly Thundercats and WWF Superstars. The company faded out in late 1988. An executive for the LJN company, Jack Friedman, went on to start Jakks Pacific which held the license from the company's inception until 2009.

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

1983 Line of action figures by LJN based on the Saturday Morning Cartoon, which was based on a RPG style board game. ...

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Bionic Six

Bionic Six was an animated television series from the 1980s produced by TMS Entertainment and distributed by Studios USA and MCA Television (later renamed NBC/Universal Television)....

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Dune is a 1984 motion picture directed by David Lynch and based on the 1964 Frank Herbert novel of the same name. The film stars Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides, and includes an ensemble of well-k...

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Figures based off the 1984 movie....

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Indiana Jones

In 1984 LJN released three 6" action figures for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom....

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Michael Jackson

This is a line devoted to Michael Jackson. To see a commercial for the line, click Here....

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Figures based off of the animated TV show that lasted one season in 1987. The show was focused on a team of heroes that could transform into other mammals. ...

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a 1988 live-action/animated film produced by Amblin Entertainment and The Walt Disney Company (released under its Touchstone Pictures banner) which blends traditional animat...

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World Wrestling Federation


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