Ace Novelty

Little information is known about this presumably short-lived company from 1992 to 1994. While active with action figures, they produced toys for B.C. Bikers (1993), MAF Mighty Action Force (1993), and Tales from the Cryptkeeper.

Prior to making action figures, items created by Ace Novelty included collector pins (1989), trading card and pin sets (M.V.P. branding, 1990), Trolls, plush toys, earrings, yo-yo's, and even more. For the interest of my sanity, I've only included the action figure related products by Ace Novelty.

Completed by Jack Slime 1/4/2024

Produced figures 1992-1994


B.C. Bikers

(1993). They're Dinosaurs of the Chrome Age, B.C. Bikers! Bikers before Christ! Thanks Ace Novelty!...

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MAF Mighty Action Force

(1993). They're ready, willing, and able to defend their flag. Mission after mission is fought and won by these troops. And now, theyre here to fight for you. The strongest soldiers in the world fo...

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Stone Protectors

(1993). Hold on Rock Defectors, said Corny, after his group was thrown into a trash alley before they finished their concert... Booed off the stage by nasty fans.

This is from the back o...

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Tales from the Cryptkeeper

(1993). HBO's ADULT show Tales from the Cryptkeeper ("Tales from the Crypt") would see a line of toys that appeared to be marketed towards kids. Hook'em early.


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