FC Toys

FC Toys, Owner of Figure Collections, was founded in 2021 by two toy industry titans and lifelong collectors, who up until that point had largely been unknown. Together they are creating the Bone Crushing Wrestlers line, highlighting wrestlers from the past that were overlooked or done dirty during their respective careers. In 2023, they also announced their own retro line, Wrestle-Something Wrestlers, a throwback to a wrestling site the duo ran in the early 2000s.

Produced figures 2021-Present


Bone Crushing Wrestlers

Figure Collections owners started a toy company, FC Toys! Initially making the mistake of collaborating with a deadbeat named Charles, FC Toys has grown into its own fully fledged toy company with two...

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Comedy Bang Bang

Available for pre-order now: Comedy Bang Bang's Scott Aukerman and JW Stillwater Action Figures! Your favorite legends and characters from Comedy Bang Bang will now find their way into figure form ...

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Wrestle-Something Wrestlers

Wrestle-Something Wrestlers is another familiar style, coming in at 4.5" to fit in with your previous collections! This line focuses on a mix of past and present names, with the first series including...

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