Palisades Toys

Palisades Marketing (Palisades Toys) was founded in 1994 and competed in the toy market until 2006. They were heavily active in toy magazines with product images, giveaways, and advertisements in the late 1990's. Popular toy lines included Ren and Stimpy, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy VIII, and Muppets.

Fans of Jim Henson's The Muppets were given a very extensive line by Palisades Toys, making it several series into the assortment before its dimise when Palisades Toys went bankrupt in February 2006.

Figure assortments cancelled and unreleased due to the bankruptcy included Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim and Muppets assortments.

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Adult Swim

Adult Swim figures by Palisades Toys would only last for one series, though they had plans for a second assortment. ...

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Mortal Kombat

At Toy Fair 1999 Palisades Marketing announced to the public they would be releasing a set of Mortal Kombat figures with scheduled availability by the end of the year. While they would get a pu...

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Invader Zim and Fairly Odd Parents were both available to collectors in 2004-2005 by Palisades Toys. Here you can find a complete checklist of all figures made by Palisades Toys during the time period...

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Ren and Stimpy


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The Muppets (The Muppet Show)

Easily one of Palisades Toys (Palisades Marketing) best and most robust offerings, The Muppets action figures covered a gigantic amount of characters from the world of the Muppets. In this section you...

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The Pink Panther

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Pink Panther, Palisades released a commemorative assortment of Pink Panther figures. Like other lines by Palisades, these action figures were also repainted/redecor...

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