Nintendo Trophy Figures Series (1988)

Punch Out!! Trophy Series
_____Mac Brawls with Super Macho Man
_____Mac Jabs Don Flamenco
_____Mac Levels King Hippo
_____Mac KOs Piston Honda
_____Bald Bull and Mac Mix it Up
_____Mac Catches The Tiger Magic Punch

Super Mario Brothers Trophy Series
_____Super Mario Hurls a Fireball
_____Mario Stomps the Goombas
_____Mario Kicks One of the Hammer Brothers
_____Bowser Guards Princess Toadstool
_____Mario Runs from Bullet Bill
_____A Blooper Chases Mario

The Legend of Zelda Trophy Series
_____Link Boomerangs a Gohma
_____Link Fights the Head of Gleeok
_____Gibdo Attacks Link
_____A Trap Attacks Link
_____Link Battles Zola
_____A Keese Descends on Link