Marvel Legends

Annihilus Series
_____Planet Hulk
_____Emma Frost
_____Ultimate Ironman

Ares series
_____Ares BAF
_____Human Torch
_____Heroes-Reborn IronMan

Blob Series
_____Ultimate Wolverine
_____Jean Grey

Brood Queen Series
_____Black Knight
_____Captain America Vintage
_____Marvel Girl
_____Colossus (Chase Shiney Version)
_____Blood Queen

Face Off Series 1
_____Captain America and Red Skull
_____Captain America and Red Skull (Variant)
_____Kingpin and Daredevil
_____Kingpin and Daredevil (Variant)
_____Hulk and Leader
_____HUlk and Leader (Variant)

Face Off Series 2
_____Iron Man and Mandarin
_____Iron Man and Mandarin (Variant)
_____Punisher and Jigsaw
_____Punisher and Jigsaw (Variant)
_____Wolverine and Sabertooth
_____Wolverine and Sabertooth (Variant)

Fantastic 4 Series
_____Sue Richards the Invisible Woman
_____Dr. Doom
_____Silver Surfer
_____Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards
_____Human Torch
_____Silver Surfer
_____Mole Man
_____Roman The Accuser

Fin Fang Foom
_____Fin Fang Foom BAF
_____Classic Hulk
_____Salvage Grey HULK
_____Son of Hulk
_____Absorbing Man
_____the End Hulk
_____King HULK
_____Doc Samson

Marvel Legends Series 2
_____The Thing
_____Dr Doom
_____Dr Doom (Bot Variant)
_____Human Torch
_____The Thing (Variant)

Marvel Legends Series 3
_____Wolverine (Unmasked)

Marvel Legends Series 4

Marvel Legends Series 5
_____Mr Fantastic
_____Nick Fury
_____Red Skull
_____Silver Surfer

Marvel Legends Series 6
_____Cable (Variant)
_____Phoenix (Variant)

Marvel Legends Series 7
_____Ghost Rider
_____Ghost Ride (Variant)
_____Iron Man
_____Vision (Variant)

Marvel Legends Series 8
_____Black Widow
_____Black Widow (Variant)
_____Captain America
_____Captain America (Variant)
_____Doc Ock
_____Iron Man
_____Storm (Variant)

Marvel Legends Unleashed
_____Spider Man
_____Iron Man

Nemesis / Holocast series
_____Black Bolt

Red Hulk series
_____Adam Warlock
_____Union Jack
_____Silver Savage
_____Ultimate Wolverine
_____Red Hulk

Target Exclusives
_____Limited Edition Hulk
_____25th Ann. Wolverine

Titanium Die-Cast

Toys R Us Exclusives
_____Emma Frost Diamond Form
_____Black Queen

Wal-Mart Exclusive 2-Packs
_____Cable & Marvel Girl
_____Cannonball & Domino