GI Joe 12-inch Classic Collection

Armed Forces (1999)
_____Camouflage Kit U.S. Army Mortarman
_____Mine Sweeper (white)
_____Naval Assault Specialist
_____U.S. Air Force Crew Chief
_____U.S. Army Pacific (black)
_____U.S. Army Vietnam
_____U.S. Marine Korea
_____U.S. National Guard (black)
_____U.S. Navy Serviceman (black)
_____U.S.A.F. Korea
_____U.S.M.C. Boot Camp (black)
_____United States Marine Corps Grenade Thrower

Series (1997)
_____Belgian Para-Commando
_____British S.A.S. (Black)
_____Drill Sgt. (White)
_____GI Jane U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot
_____GI Jane U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot (African American)
_____GI Jane U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot (Black Hair)
_____GI Jane U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot (Red Hair)
_____M-60 Gunners Pit Mission Gear
_____M.O.P.P. Mission Gear
_____Navy Aviation Fuel Handler
_____Navy S.E.A.L. Mission Gear
_____Recon Base Camp Mission Gear
_____U.S. Army Drill Sergeant
_____U.S. Army Drill Sergeant (Black)
_____U.S. Army Tank Commander
_____U.S. Marine Corps Sniper

Series (1998)
_____Arctic Adventure Set - Deluxe Mission Gear
_____K-9 Patrol Set Deluxe Mission Gear
_____Sniper Set Deluxe Mission Gear
_____U.S. 82nd Airborne
_____U.S. 82nd Airborne (Black)
_____U.S. Army Cold Weather
_____U.S. Marine Korea
_____U.S. Navy Blue Angel
_____U.S. Vietnam Marine
_____U.S.M.C. Force Recon
_____Underwater Demolition Set

Series (1999) (35th Anniversary)
_____1964 G.I. Joe - Land Warrior G.I. Joe (Black) (2-Pack)
_____1964 G.I. Joe - Land Warrior G.I. Joe (Caucasian) (2-Pack)
_____Airborne at Normandy
_____American Revolution Minuteman
_____Army National Guard
_____Battle of Tarawa - Top Secret Orders
_____Bomb Disposal - with "Exploding Bomb!" - Dismantle Correctly or it blows up!
_____Colonel Buzz Aldrin
_____D-Day Set - Deluxe Mission Gear
_____Delta Solider - Includes Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Patch (chase)
_____Fast Attack Cycle
_____Freedom in Kuwait City - Top Secret Orders
_____Invasion of Inchon - Top Secret Orders
_____Millennium Salute
_____Pressure Under Fire - Top Secret Orders
_____Sandbag Mortar Set
_____Saving Khe Sanh - Top Secret Orders
_____Sentry Post Set
_____Ted Williams - Korean War Fighter Pilot
_____U.S. Army Desert
_____U.S. Army Pacific
_____U.S. Coast Guard (Black)
_____U.S. Coast Guard (Caucasian)
_____U.S. Coast Guard - Cold Water Immersion Suit
_____U.S. Marine Dog Unit

Series (2000)
_____155-mm Howitzer Cannon
_____Air Force Special Ops
_____Airborne Ranger
_____Balkan Mission Survivor Set - Top Secret Orders
_____Battle of the Bulge - Military Diorama Set - Authentic Detail
_____Battleship Row Defender
_____Defense of Bastogne
_____Defense of Seoul
_____Delta Soldier
_____Desert Air Defense with Firing Stinger Missle!
_____Desert Light Strike Vehicle
_____General Headquarters 1st Raider Company Korean War Set - Top Secret Orders
_____Hawaiian Territorial Guard
_____Honor Guard
_____Invasion of Inchon, 15 Sept. 1950
_____Jungle Commando Unit - Top Secret Orders
_____Jungle Patrol
_____M.O.P.P. Marine (blonde hair)
_____M.O.P.P. Marine - Desert Storm 10th Anniversary (brown hair)
_____Mortar Attack - Mortar Really "Fires"
_____Navy Gunner with Twin Mount Anti-Aircraft Gun
_____Navy SEAL Trainee
_____Operation: Midnight Recon
_____Scouts and Raiders Demolition Expert

Series (2001)
_____10th Mountain Division
_____Apaches in the Gulf War, 1991 - Top Secret Orders
_____Army Ranger Saws Gunner
_____Assault Shotgun - Weapon Tech
_____Covert Sniper Rifle
_____Desert Patrol
_____Desert Storm Night Attack
_____Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent
_____Heavy Duty
_____Hi Joe weapon tech Hasbro adult collection
_____Law Enforcement Raid
_____M3 Tank Destroyer
_____Marine Desert Sniper
_____Marine Raider
_____Navy Boarding Party
_____Navy Crash Crew
_____Navy SEAL Take Down Team
_____Night Attack
_____Pearl Harbor Hickam Field Defender
_____Tactical Machine Gun - Weapon Tech
_____Texas Ranger Manhunt
_____The Big Surrender - U.S. Army 71st Infantry Division Captures German Army Group Sough, 1945 - Top Secret Orders
_____U.S. Navy Sailor
_____Urban Camo
_____USAF Special Ops

Series (2002)
_____26th Marine Division
_____550/551 Assault Rifle - Weapon Tech
_____7th Army Ranger
_____Army Specialist
_____British SAS
_____Coast Guard
_____Crowd Control Mission
_____D-Day Communications Mission
_____Danger of the Depths
_____Desert Army SAWS Gunner
_____Desert Recon
_____G.I. Joe Army Rangers Collection Long Range Sniper
_____G36 Assault Rifle - Weapon Tech
_____GI Joe Desert Striker
_____Helicopter Recon Mission
_____G36 Assault Rifle - Weapon Tech
_____GI Joe Desert Striker
_____Helicopter Recon Mission
_____Heros Homecoming Navy Sailor
_____Hot Shot Crew (K-Mart Exclusive)
_____Hot Shot Crew Accessory Set
_____Jeep desert patrol vehicle
_____Mountain Recon Mission
_____National Guard
_____Navy SEAL
_____Navy SEAL Stinger Mission
_____Navy SEAL Take Down Team
_____Navy SEAL with Exploding Mine!

Series (2003)
_____Air Force Special Forces
_____Air Force SWAT Team Mission
_____Army Anti-Tank Gunner with Launching "Anti-Armor" Projectile!
_____B-17 Bomber Mission
_____Crimson Guard
_____Desert Marine
_____Heros Homecoming Army Soldier
_____HUMVEE Armament Carrier Authentically Styled Military Vehicle!
_____M1 Garand Rifle - Weapon Tech
_____Marine Corps Boxer
_____Marine SMAW Gunner
_____Mountain Search (Black)
_____National Guard
_____Police Officer
_____Rope Rescue Firefighter
_____Ski Extreme Mission
_____Underwater Attack Mission
_____WWII Infrared Sniper

WWII (1995)
_____Airborne M.P (Dark Brown)
_____Airborne M.P (Light Brown)
_____Airborne M.P. (Caucasian)
_____Army General (Caucasian)
_____Army General (Dark Brown)
_____Army General (Light Brown)
_____Battle of the Bulge Soldier (Caucasian)
_____Battle of the Bulge Soldier (Dark Brown)
_____Battle of the Bulge Soldier (Light Brown)
_____Golden Knight (brown)
_____Golden Knight (white)
_____Marine (white or black)
_____Navy Admiral (white)
_____Pilot (white or black)
_____Sailor (white or black)
_____Soldier (white or black)