Five Nights At Freddys

8-bit Series 1 (2016)
_____Purple Guy
_____Golden Freddy (BAF)

8-bit Series 2 (2017)
_____Crying Child
_____The Bite
_____Plush Fredbear
_____The Brother (BAF)
_____Plush Freddy
_____Plush Bonnie
_____Plush Chica

Classic Series (2018)
_____The Office
_____Pirate Cove
_____West Hall

Construction (2016)
_____Nightmare With Right Hall
_____Fun With Balloon Boy
_____Phantom Foxy With Cam 08 Hallway
_____Toy Chica With Right Air Vent
_____Toy Bonnie With Left Air Vent

Construction (2017)
_____Game Area
_____Parts And Service
_____Circus Control
_____Party Room
_____Prize Corner

Construction (2018)
_____Control Module
_____Scooping Room
_____Private Room
_____Paper Pals Party
_____Left Dresser And Door

Construction (2019)
_____East Hall (Medium Set)
_____Temple Of The Fox (Micro Set)
_____Left Hall (Micro Set)
_____Fun With Plushstrap (Micro Set)
_____Right Dresser & Door