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Nintendo collectors have seen a super abundance of Super Mario figures over their existence. But only one toy company has a seemingly endless pipeline for the plumber: Jakks Pacific!

Jakks has made World of Nintendo and Super Mario themed figures in multiple sizes, the most popular being 2.5, 4, 6, but in this section you can find everything released in the four and six inch lines!

The line has seen releases of Super Mario, Metroid, Star Fox, Splatoon, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing. Below you can find all figures from the World of Nintendo & Super Mario lines, including a checklist and pictures of everything produced!

Series - Printer Friendly Checklist

= Completed Series

6 Inch World of Nintendo Series 1-1 ( 17 images) - Released: 2014
- Bowser and Donkey Kong
6 Inch World of Nintendo Series 1-2 ( 19 images) - Released: 2016
- Metroid, Toon Ganondorf

World of Nintendo Wave 01 Series 1-1 ( 32 images) - Released: 2014
- Original First run printing of this set of figures included a mystery accessory. Later re-releases included an accessory but no "mystery" box.
Mario (with Mushroom)
Wario (with coin)
Link (with shield)
Green Yoshi (with egg)

World of Nintendo Wave 01 Series 1-1 Re-Release ( 12 images) - Released: 2016
- Packaging says 2016, but was re-released in 2017 and 2018 without mystery item. Instead, the item was visibly showing in the packaging.
Includes: Mario with mushroom, Wario with Coin, Yoshi with Green Egg.

World of Nintendo Wave 02 Series 1-2 ( 30 images) - Released: 2014
- Blue Toad (with coin)
Diddy Kong (with bananas)
Samus (with ball)
Luigi (with green shell)

World of Nintendo Wave 03 Series 1-3 ( 39 images) - Released: 2015
- Fire Mario (with fire flower)
Princess Peach (with umbrella)
Fox McCloud (Starfox) (with airship)
Pink Yoshi (with pink egg)
Goomba (with coin)

World of Nintendo Wave 04 Series 1-4 ( 29 images) - Released: 2015
- Last series of figures that had mystery accessories.
Fire Luigi (with fire flower)
Tanooki Mario (with leaf)
Gravity Suit Samus (with morph ball)
Ocarina of Time Link (with shield)
Shy Guy (with coin)

World of Nintendo Wave 05 Series 1-5 ( 36 images) - Released: 2016
- Cat Luigi (with super bell)
Bowser Jr. (with Bob-omb)
Waluigi (with Coin)
Sheik (Ocarina of Time) (with Lyre)
Gold Mario (with coin)

World of Nintendo Wave 06 Series 2-1 ( 31 images) - Released: 2016
- White Tanooki Mario (with leaf)
Red Yoshi (with red egg)
Windwaker Link (with shield)
Paratroopa (with wings)
Falco Lombardi (with arwing ship)
Shadow Link (Hot Topic Exclusive) (with shield and sword)

World of Nintendo Wave 07 Series 2-2 ( 35 images) - Released: 2016
- Cat Mario (with bell)
Slippy Toad (with bomb)
Red Toad (with coin)
Princess Zelda (with ocarina)
Skull Kid (with mask)
Prototype Fox McCloud (with arwing)

World of Nintendo Wave 08 Series 2-3 ( 30 images) - Released: 2016
- Star Power Mario (with star)
Koopa Troopa (with wings)
Villager (with leaf)
Link in Red Goron Tunic (with sword & shield)
Peppy (with container)
Prototype Windwaker Link (with sword & shield)
Link (Legend of Zelda) (Trophy Series) (with sword & shield)

World of Nintendo Wave 09 Series 2-4 ( 38 images) - Released: 2017
- Samus (with Morph Ball)
Windwaker Link (Legend of Zelda packaging)(with windwaker sword)
Splatoon's Inkling Boy with (with orange gun)
Spaltoon's Inkling Boy (variant) (with blue gun)
Blue Yoshi (with blue egg)
Mario (with Question Block)
Bowser Jr (Protoype Colors)(with prototype Bob-Omb)
Samus (Trophy Series)(with Morph Ball)

World of Nintendo Wave 10 Series 2-5 ( 34 images) - Released: 2017
- Lakitu (with spiny)
Ice Mario (with ice flower)
Bowser Jr. (with brush)
Inkling Girl (with splatoon gun)
Star Power Mario (with star)
Yoshi (Trophy Series) (with trophy egg)

World of Nintendo Wave 11 Series 2-6 ( 22 images) - Released: 2017
- Luigi (with question block)
Mario Maker Mario (with tool belt)
Breath of the Wild Link (with bow & arrow)

World of Nintendo Wave 12 Series 2-7 ( 20 images) - Released: 2018
- Raccoon Mario (with leaf)
Iggy Koopa (with wand)
Metal Mario (with silver trophy)
Hammer Bro. (with hammer)

World of Nintendo Wave 13 Series 3-1 ( 24 images) - Released: 2018
- Mario (with removable Cappy)
Propeller Mario (with coin)
Koopa Troopa (with wings)
Luigi (with green shell)
Shy Guy (with propellar)

World of Nintendo Wave 14 (New Branding) ( 21 images) - Released: 2019
- A reboot of Jakks Pacific Nintendo line with new packaging began in 2019. With the update, they did away with the world numbering system.
The first Super Mario branded Wave included
Parabones (with wings)
Mario (with star)
Fire Luigi (with fire flower)
Piranha Plant (with question block)
Fire Bro (with fireball)

World of Nintendo Wave 15 ( 21 images) - Released: 2019
- Lakitu (with fishing pole)
Mario (with removable cappy)
Explorer Mario (with blue moon)
Captured Hammer Bro (with hammer)
Captain Mario (with red moon)

World of Nintendo Wave 16 ( 9 images) - Released: 2019
- Mario (with question block)
Raccoon Mario (with super leaf)
Tanooki Suit Mario (with coin)
Propeller Mario (with red mushroom)
Maker Mario (with tool belt)

World of Nintendo Wave 17 ( 19 images) - Released: 2019
- Captain Mario (with yellow moon)
Explorer Mario (with blue moon)
Goomba (with question block)
Piranha Plant (with coin)
Yoshi (with green egg)

World of Nintendo Wave 18 ( 21 images) - Released: 2019
- Mario (with POW)
Fire Mario (with fire flower)
Ghost Boo (with coin)
Luigi (with star)
Ludwig (with wand)

World of Nintendo Wave 19 ( 16 images) - Released: 2020
- Blue Shy Guy (with propellar)
Mario (with mushroom)
Cappy Mario (with cappy)
Yellow Yoshi (with yellow egg)
Magikoopa (with wand)

World of Nintendo Wave 20 ( 8 images) - Released: 2020
- Koopa Paratroopa
Mario and Cappy
Iggy Koopa
Raccoon Mario
Ice Luigi

World of Nintendo Wave 21 ( 12 images) - Released: 2020
- Bowser Jr
Metal Mario
Mario with Pow
Bone Piranha Plant
Blue Toad

World of Nintendo Wave 22 ( 10 images) - Released: 2020
- November 2020. (Labeled Wave 23 on Entertainment Earth)
Dry Bones
Green Toad with Star
Ice Mario with Ice Flower
Hammer Bro with Hammer
Ghost Boo and Coin

World of Nintendo Wave 23 ( 9 images) - Released: 2020
- Mario with Green 1UP Mushroom
Black Yoshi & Black Egg
Fire Luigi & Fire Mushroom
Shy Guy & Spinner
Lemmy Koopa & Wand

World of Nintendo Wave 24 ( 25 images) - Released: 2021
- First shown online mid-January 2021
Orange Yoshi
Larry Koopa
Koopa Paratroopa (Green Shoes)
Mario with Cappy

World of Nintendo Wave 25 ( 25 images) - Released: 2021
- Boomerang Bro
Fire Mario
Red Koopa Troopa with Wings
World of Nintendo Wave Exclusives (2018) ( 8 images) - Released: 2018
- Mushroom Kingdom 3 Pack