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Power Rangers. 2017 would be a good year for collectors, who at the beginning of the year were treated to the trailer of the new Power Rangers film. In what was a staple to Power Rangers, they came out with new attires and outfits. Movie figures flooded the market; including a line of 6.5" Legacy style Movie figures. Collecting them all would build the Megazord from the film. The series included the usual suspects: Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Black Rangers, but also Alpha 5, who looks as weird as he does in the movie.

Tons of products were released in regard to the film, including Then & Now two packs, 5" Basic Figure Assortments, and more.

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= Completed Series

5" Movie Action Heroes ( 0 images) - Released: 2017
- 5" Power Rangers 2017 Movie basic figure assortment. Alpha 5, Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Black Rangers were included in this six figure assortment by Bandai.
5" Movie Then and Now 2 Packs ( 41 images) - Released: 2017
- Bandai released 5" figure two packs which included one Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers from the debut season and one figure from the 2017 film.

6.5 Movie Legacy Figures ( 30 images) - Released: 2017
- 6.5" Figures based on the film. Considered the Movie Legacy Series, released in Spring 2017