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TNA Impact Wrestling presents its second toy line (2010-2015) created by Jakks Pacific, the first being by Toy Biz. Jakks Pacific kept its toes in the wrestling sand by announcing a partnership with TNA and its continued relationship with UFC.

Launching with controversy, it was announced that TNA's figures would be in the Deluxe style molds that WWE figures had previously used. This alienated a large part of collectors who from 2003-2009 had been collecting in the Ruthless Aggression figure style and had hoped that it would continue. This led to a large sell off of wrestling collections.

Jakks attempted to appease figure fans by releasing the Legends of the Ring figures, and doing so in the Ruthless/Classic Superstars body style. The series only saw 1 set release, and the prototypes for series 2 never made it to the public (as series 2).

Legends of the Ring Series 2 Jeff Hardy would go on to be released as a Ringside Collectibles exclusive and Terry Taylor would be released in Deluxe Impact Series 6. Walgreens ended up releasing 1 series of exclusives that were in the Ruthless style molds.

Individual Series releases were called Deluxe Impact. The Two Packs released were under the "Cross the Line" Banner. The line was cancelled after series 12 due to poor in store sales. Series 13 went on to be released as a Ringside Exclusive, and some exclusives were still in production, sold on and

Series - Printer Friendly Checklist

= Completed Series

TNA Cross The Line Series 01 ( 33 images) - Released: 2010
- Series Included: Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash, Mick Foley and Samoa Joe, James Storm and Robert Roobe
TNA Cross The Line Series 02 ( 32 images) - Released: 2010
- Series Included: Motor City Machine Guns, Team 3-D, AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett
TNA Cross The Line Series 03 ( 29 images) - Released: 2011
- Series Includes: Dr. Stevie and Daffney, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and Mr Anderson.
TNA Cross the Line Series 04 ( 28 images) - Released: 2011
- Eric Young/Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam/Sting, Abyss/Hulk Hogan

TNA Deluxe iMPACT Series 01 ( 27 images) - Released: 2010
- AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Kurt Angle, Suicide, and Samoa Joe
TNA Deluxe Impact Series 02 ( 42 images) - Released: 2010
- Series Included: Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, Hernandez, Amazing Red, Mick Foley, and Eric Young
TNA Deluxe Impact Series 03 ( 34 images) - Released: 2010
- Series Included: Velvet Sky, Kevin Nash, Jay Lethal, Matt Morgan, Shark Boy, and Sting.
TNA Deluxe iMPACT Series 04 ( 38 images) - Released: 2010
- Series Included: RVD, Hulk Hogan, Abyss, Desmod Wolfe, Jeff Hardy, and D'Angelo Dinero
TNA Deluxe iMPACT Series 05 ( 27 images) - Released: 2011
- Series Included: Raven, Angelina Love, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Rob Terry, Mr Anderson (Cancelled)
TNA Deluxe iMPACT Series 06 ( 32 images) - Released: 2011
- Sting, Madison Rayne, Kazarian, Kurt Angle. A Legends of the Ring Terry Taylor was also part of the series, though it was a different body style.
TNA Deluxe Impact Series 07 ( 18 images) - Released: 2012
- Velvet Sky, Jeff Hardy, Mr Anderson, Bobby Roode, James Storm
TNA Deluxe Impact Series 08 ( 15 images) - Released: 2012
- AJ Styles (Red), Hulk Hogan (Yellow Shirt), Joker Sting, Matt Morgan (White), Rob Van Dam (Yellow)
TNA Deluxe Impact Series 09 ( 42 images) - Released: 2013
- Gail Kim, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Brutus Magnus, Christopher Daniels
TNA Deluxe iMPACT Series 10 ( 36 images) - Released: 2013
- Ms Tessmacher, Crimson, Robbie T, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle
TNA Deluxe Impact Series 11 ( 28 images) - Released: 2013
- AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Velvet Sky
TNA Deluxe iMPACT Series 12 ( 21 images) - Released: 2014
- Bubba Ray Dudley (Bully Ray), Chris Sabin, Hernandez, and Magnus
TNA Deluxe iMPACT Series 13 ( 12 images) - Released: 2015
- Angelina Love and Mr Anderson

TNA Exclusives ( 51 images) - Released: 2011-2014
- Included Ruthless Impact style Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, glow in the dark Jeff Hardy and more.

TNA Genesis Series 1 ( 24 images) - Released: 2010
- Series Included: Sting, Suicide, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle.

TNA IMPACT Micro Series 1 ( 5 images) - Released: 2010
- Series Included: 4 sets of 3 packs of miniature figures.

TNA Legends Of The Ring Series 1 ( 48 images) - Released: 2010
- Series Included: Sting, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, and Kevin Nash.
TNA Legends Of The Ring Series 2 (Unreleased) ( 6 images) - Released: 2011
- CANCELLED: Series Included Samoa Joe, Jim Cornette, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Terry Taylor, and Andre The Giant. The whole series was cancelled, though Jeff Hardy was released as an internet exclusive and Terry Taylor was included in a Deluxe series release as a chase figure.
TNA Ruthless iMPACT Series 01 ( 63 images) - Released: 2010
- This series includes Suicide, Sting, Kurt Angle, Jay Lethal, Kevin Nash, and Abyss