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Figures made of ECW wrestlers in the late 90's.

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= Completed Series

ECW Ring Playset ( 1 images) - Released: 2000
- ECW Ring and Accessories play set with exclusive Rob Van Dam and Sabu Figures.

ECW Series 1 ( 28 images) - Released: 1999
- Includes: Justin Credible, Tazz, Rob Van Dam, Chris Candido, Shane Douglas, and Sabu (lime green pants)
ECW Series 2 ( 20 images) - Released: 1999
- Taz, Justin Credible, Rob Van Dam (RVD in white), Tommy Dreamer, New Jack, D-Von Dudley, Lance Storm, Buh Buh Ray Dudley (Bubba Ray Dudley)
ECW Series 3 ( 20 images) - Released: 1999
- Includes: Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, New Jack, Sabu, Taz, Rob Van Dam
ECW Series 4: Champion Clashers ( 27 images) - Released: 2000
- Series 4 Champion Clashers Series Includes: Rob Van Dam (RVD), Taz (Purple), Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, Tajiri, Rhino (red), Jerry Lynn, Raven
ECW Series 5: Bash of the Brawlers ( 25 images) - Released: 2000
- ECW Series 5: Bash of the Brawlers Series includes: Super Crazy, Mike Awesome, Sandman, Steve Corino, Nova, Justin Credible, Sabu and Little Guido
ECW Series 6: Thrill Zone ( 33 images) - Released: 2000
- ECW Series 6 Thrill Zone Series Includes: Tommy Dreamer, Lance Storm, Chris Candido, Rob Van Dam, New Jack, Rhino, Raven, and Balls Mahoney

ECW Unreleased Figures ( 0 images) - Released: 2000 (Cancelled)
- Cancelled ECW Figures.
Rage War (Lance Storm, Sabu) Air Combat (RVD, Justin Credible), Grudge Match (Dreamer, Raven)
Roadkill was shown at a Toy Fair but was not shown or seen after