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Spider-Man is Toybiz's second biggest line, only slightly smaller than the X-Men line. This series would feature many new heroes and villains, most notably is Spider-man, who would get tons of figures in the line. He would be the character who had the most figures made.

This style of 5" figure was mostly retired in 2001 with a few stray series that came on as exclusives.

Also released were a 2" line known as Web of Steel, they were metallic and about as heavy as a larger action figure!

Note: to the best of our ability, this section has checklists for nearly 100% of the figures and playsets released by Toy Biz.

Series - Printer Friendly Checklist

= Completed Series

Spiderman 2000 (Canada Exclusive) ( 0 images) - Released: 2000
- Air Strike Spider-Man, Deep Sea Venom, Hazard Gear Spider-Man, Sky Sled Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Web Armor Spider-Man, Web Line Spider-Man
Spiderman 2000 Web Splashers ( 0 images) - Released: 2000
- Aqua Diver Spider-Man, Deep Sea Destroyer Venom, Hydro Attack Dr. Octopus, Scuba Attack Spider-Man, Sea Battle Spider-Man, Sea Hunter Spider-Man, Web Cannon Spider-Man, Web Commando Spider-Man

Spiderman Arachnophobia ( 3 images) - Released: 1996
- This is a small series of Spider-Man figures in that there were only three figures. All three figures are large versions of Spider-Man crossed with other characters. These versions of the character have never appeared in the comics. The figures are much larger than the tradional 5 inch Spider-Man figures out at around the same time though Man-Lizard and Vampider do not look too out of place. Spider-Goblin is the smaller figure but still fits better in the 6 inch scale of Spider Man Classics and Marvel Legends. The figures all featured some sort of wind up actions. The line is a lot like the Mutant Monsters line from the X-men series which was released around the same time.

(Credit Marveltoys.Net)

Spiderman Box Set: Classics ( 0 images) - Released: 2000
- Spider-Man, Sea Battle Spidey, Air Strike Spider-Man, Deep Sea Venom (year is estimated)
Spiderman Box Set: Hydro Jet Vehicle Set ( 0 images) - Released: 1998
- Venom and Spiderman each had their own hydro jet, however neither came with an action figure
Spiderman Box Set: Maximum Clonage ( 0 images) - Released: 1998
- 8 Figure box set including: Ben Riley, Jackal, Kaine, Peter Parker, Sandman, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man, Spidercide
Spiderman Box Set: Monster Mayhem ( 0 images) - Released: 1998
- 8 Figure Box Set of Spider-Man characters including: 6 armed Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson, Kraven, Lizzard, Man-Spider, Morbius, Multijointed Spider-Man, Punisher
Spiderman Box Set: Playsets (1994) ( 0 images) - Released: 1994
- Spiderwars Crime Central Playset & Daily Bugle Playset both released in 1994.
Spiderman Box Set: Playsets (1996) ( 0 images) - Released: 1996
- Kingpins Crime Central Playset
Scorpion Spider Slayer Set with Spider-Man
Spiderman Box Set: Playsets (1998) ( 3 images) - Released: 1998
- Flip N Trap Playset. This set would be re-released again in 2004.
Spiderman Box Set: Sky Scraper Stunt Set Series ( 0 images) - Released: 1996
- Three different Sky Scraper Stunt Sets:
Sky Scraper Stunt Set (Oscorp Spidey Glider Spider-Man)
Sky Scraper Stunt Set (Kingpin Crime Central Spider-Man)
Sky Scraper Stunt Set (Daily Bugle Sky-Dive Spidey Spider-Man)
Spiderman Box Set: Spider & The Scarecrow ( 0 images) - Released: 1998
- Spider-Man, Chameleon, Scarecrow, Spider-Sense Spider-Man, Peter Parker
Spiderman Box Set: Spiderman (Canada Exclusive) ( 0 images) - Released: 2000
- Exclusive to Canada, this box set featured 4 figures: Alien Carnage, Cyberfighter Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Future Spider-Man
Spiderman Box Set: Strange Transformations ( 1 images) - Released: 1997
- Cosmic Spider-Man & Transforming Symbiotic Spider-Man
Spiderman Box Set: The Venom Saga ( 0 images) - Released: 1999
- 4 Figure box set featuring Spiderman box art with Venom, Octo-Spider Spider-Man, Kingpin, Black Spider-Man
Spiderman Box Set: Web Jet & Spider-Man ( 5 images) - Released: 1994
- Web Jet & 5" Spider-Man Included!

Spiderman Classics (Repaints) Water Wars ( 3 images) - Released: 2001
- Aqua Squirt Scorpion
Hydro Disc Spider-Man
Sea Snake Venom
Water Web Canon Spider-Man

Spiderman Electro Shock ( 12 images) - Released: 1997
- This is another series with several Spider-man variants. It did however give a new and large Captain America figure as well as a figure of the classic villain, Electro.
Spiderman Flip N Trap ( 9 images) - Released: 1998
- Madam Web, Red Skull, Sandman, Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Variant), Spider-Man (Web Catcher), Spider-Man (Web Catcher Variant)
Spiderman Maximum Carnage ( 3 images) - Released: 1994
- This was a 3-pack release at the same time as the Spider-Man crossover comic event in 1994.

Spiderman Series 1 ( 23 images) - Released: 1994
- The first few series of the Spider-man line would be modeled after how the characters appeared in the animated series. This also influenced which characters would make it into the lineup. This first Spider-man lineup would offer a very good selection of villains along with two Spider-mans. Spider-man variants would be prove to be plentiful during the line's production. The figures would come packaged on backs that would show each character on the front, which would change to a generic card in later lines.
Spiderman Series 2 ( 29 images) - Released: 1994
- Spider-man's second series lineup would feature another good assortment of villains as well as the standard assortment of Spider-man variants. The choices for villains would be determined on the animated series and who was appearing in it at the time.
Spiderman Series 3 ( 15 images) - Released: 1995
- The third series would contain quite a few older Spider-man villains as well as one of the best Spider-man variants that would be made. This was a great series because it had a lot of villains in it, not just all Spider-Man variants.
Spiderman Series 4 ( 15 images) - Released: 1995
- The fourth series offers another lineup of great figures. This series would give us a few new villains as well as the standard Spider-man variants.
Spiderman Series 5 ( 29 images) - Released: 1995
- Another good assortment of figures came in the fifth lineup. Still focusing on the animated series, a few new characters would be made. Carnage would be originally included in the lineup, but dropped to shorten the number of figures in the assortment.
Spiderman Series 6 ( 12 images) - Released: 1996
- This is another lineup of Spider-man figures with several Spider-man variations. It features a new Carnage as well as a Tombstone figure. This series had quite a few Spider-man variants.
Spiderman Series 7 ( 14 images) - Released: 1996
- This series was labeled as a "Special collector series" that offered a lot of variants of characters. It had a few Spider-men, though none of them were technically Peter Parker. Variants of these figures would show up after the original release.
Spiderman Sneak Attack Bug Busters ( 13 images) - Released: 1998
- Spider-Man & Spider Stinger, Silver Sable & Beetle Basher, Jack O Lantern & Bug Eye Blaster, Vulture & Jaw Breaker
Spiderman Sneak Attack Super Bug Busters ( 8 images) - Released: 1998
- Spider-Man & Spider Rider
Venom & Spider Rider

Spiderman Spider Force ( 10 images) - Released: 1997
- This series contained a bunch of figures that all had snap on "insect armor". Each figure has some relation to an insect. This series would offer only one Spider-man variant, and four figures for characters who had not gotten one yet. It is a good series for collectors who wanted new characters.
Spiderman Spider Power Series 1 ( 0 images) - Released: 1998
- Slime Shaker Venom, Spider Sense Spider-Man, Street Warrior Spider-Man, Triple Threat Spider-Man
Spiderman Spider Power Series 2 ( 0 images) - Released: 1998
- J Jonah Jameson, Dr. Octopus, Flip and Swing Spider-Man, Spider-Sense Peter Parker

Spiderman Spider Wars ( 19 images) - Released: 1996
- This lineup offered a bunch of new figures and a few new heroes who had not gotten figures before. It was nice since it only had one Spider-Man variant in the series, which allowed several new characters to get figures.
Spiderman Techno Wars ( 8 images) - Released: 1996
- This series was just reused Iron Man series 5 figures since it was cancelled. This line was very similar to the X-Men Mutant Armor line that did the same.
Spiderman Vampire Wars ( 18 images) - Released: 1996
- This series would include more Spider-man variants as well as a Blade figure and another Morbius. The figures in this line are pretty good looking.

Spiderman Web Flyers ( 4 images) - Released: 1997
- This series offered a few more Spider-Man variants, as well as a new Hobgoblin and Carnage. The Hobgoblin was the best one yet of this character. All the figures came with some device that the could hold on to and glide down a piece of string.
Spiderman Web Force ( 14 images) - Released: 1997
- This lineup offered two new great figures, as well as some more Spider-man variants. Each figure has some sort of snap on accessory that they come with.
Spiderman Web Splashers ( 22 images) - Released: 1997
- This is a new gimmick in the Spider-man line that would be repeated a few times. Each figure included floating accessories or water squirting action that appealed to kids. Despite having some variants of figures that never were in the comics that way this line did pretty well. So well in fact, that there would be two more Web Splashers series.
Spiderman Web Splashers Series 2 ( 7 images) - Released: 1998
- Aqua Tech Namor, Hydro Venom, Kayak Spider-Man, Wind Attack Spider-Man
Spiderman Web Splashers Series 3 ( 0 images) - Released: 1998
- Aqua Carnage, Hydro Float Spider-Man, Sea Web Spider-Man, Wet Suit Spider-Man

Spiderman Web Trap ( 15 images) - Released: 1997
- This series would give us a few new classic villains with new remolded figures. The figures in this line are a little more detailed than previous lines.