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Ah, the Marvel Legends series. This line is claimed by many to be the best figure series of any action figure. This series is not only great due to its detailed sculpts, but in the figures articulation as well. A lot of the figures have such features as two joints in the elbows and knees, poseable fingers, joints in the upper bodies and on the feet as well. All the figures also feature a figure base to attach the figure to and pose with. The bases also hang on the wall, so you can save shelf space. Each figure also features comic books, which are all reprints of various older comics, but gives you a good idea of who the character is and what they can do. Also, the figures come packed in a sturdy plastic shell for packaging, which makes it so collectors who leave them in their packaging can keep the packaging nice and not get rips or tears on the cards. It also can make them difficult to get open though. The down side of the line is variants. There are many variants of a lot of figures, which can make it difficult to collect. That combined with chase figures, makes it very tough.

Series - Printer Friendly Checklist

= Completed Series

Marvel Legends 2-packs ( 5 images) - Released: 2008
- series 1
Marvel Legends 2-packs ( 6 images) - Released: 2009
- series 2
Marvel Legends 2-packs ( 0 images) - Released: 2010
- series 3
Marvel Legends Box Sets ( 20 images) - Released: 2003
- Urban Legends - Punisher, Elektra, Spider-Man, Daredevil
Marvel Legends Face-Off Series 1 ( 5 images) - Released: 2006
- Series 1 consists of Hulk v.s Leader, Capt. America v.s. The Red Skul & Daredevil v.s. The Kingpin. Also, each set has a variant.
Marvel Legends Face-Off Series 2 ( 3 images) - Released: 2006
- Series 2 consists of Iron Man v.s. The Mandarin, Wolverine vs Sabretooth & The Punisher v.s. Jigsaw. Also, each set has a variant.
Marvel Legends Series 01 ( 21 images) - Released: 2002
- Set consists of Captain America, Toad, IronMan & Hulk. Vaients of IronMan and HULK. On some occasions a gold foil poster was used to replace the comicbook.
Marvel Legends Series 02 ( 23 images) - Released: 2002
- Series consist of Human Torch, Namor, DrDoom, the Thing & HULK. A Fantastic Four wave. Variants of DrDoom, Human Torch & Thing. On some occasions a gold foil poster replaced the comic book.
Marvel Legends Series 03 ( 16 images) - Released: 2003
- This set consists of Ghost Rider, Magneto, Thor, Wolverine, & Daredevil (Movie). Variants of Wolverine & DareDevil. On some rare occasions a foil colored poster replaced the comic book.
Marvel Legends Series 04 ( 5 images) - Released: 2003
- Series 4 contains Elektra, Gambit, Beast, Punisher, & Goliath. Variants of Punisher & Beast. On some occasions a foiled color poster replaced the comic book, also a Urban Legends poster book was added to Elektra & Punisher. * The labcoated Beast is extremely rare. 1 of 2 ** Goliath figure came from a early Avengers boxset. He was origionally red and black. AntMan & Wasp came from same set.
Marvel Legends Series 05 ( 7 images) - Released: 2003
- Series 5 contains Colossus, Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Sabertooth, Blade & Red Skull. * exclusive to SPAIN, on some occasions a foiled color poster replaced the comic book. ** Early Blade figures had a comic book which was pulled for being to graphic. ***on some occasions Silver Surfer had a Howard the Duck Pack-in.
Marvel Legends Series 06 ( 9 images) - Released: 2004
- Series 6 contains Wolverine, Cable, Deadpool, Juggernaut, Phoenix, Unmasked Wolverine & Movie Punisher. Variants of Cable & Phoenix. on some occasions a foil colored poster replaced the comic book. ** United Kingdom & Austrailia had larger clamshells to pack in 4 comic megapaks.
Marvel Legends Series 07 ( 7 images) - Released: 2004
- Series 7 contains Ghostrider, Apocalypse, Hawkeye, Silver Centurion Iron-Man, Vision, Goliath & Weapon X Wolverine. Variants of Ghost Rider, Hawkeye & Vision. On occasion a Urban Legends poster book replaced comic book on Weapon X figure.
Marvel Legends Series 08 ( 12 images) - Released: 2004
- Series 8 contains Ice Man, Storm, Iron Man, Captain America, Man-Thing, Dr.Octopus, Black Widow & Dr. Doombot. Variants consist of Captain America, Black Widow, Storm and IronMan. *1st release = no card *2nd release = with card **A factory error was found when employess switched bodies on Captain America.
Marvel Legends Series 09: Galactus Series ( 10 images) - Released: 2004
- Series 9 contains Hulk, Deathlok, War Machine, Dr. Strange, Bullseye, Professor X, Nightcrawler, & a BAF Galactus. Variants consist of Bullseye & HULK. *Each individual figure, 7 in all, contained a part of GALACTUS. **Canada exclusives only on some occasions a colored foil poster replaced the comic book.
Marvel Legends Series 10 (Sentinal Series) ( 10 images) - Released: 2005
- Series 10 contains Spider-man, Cyclops, Angel, Black Panther, Omega Red, Mr. Sinister, Mystique, & BAF Sentinal. Variant consist of Angel & Cyclops. On some very rare occasions a colored foil poster replaced the comic book.
Marvel Legends Series 11 (Legendary Riders) ( 10 images) - Released: 2005
- Series 11 contains Original Thing, Logan (Reg & Var), IronMan Hulk Buster, Vengence, Task Master, Utron, Wonder-Man (Reg & Var), & The Scarlet Witch.
Marvel Legends Series 12 (Apocalypse Series) ( 18 images) - Released: 2005
- Marvel Legends 12 contains Astonishing X-Men Wolverine, Bishop, X-23, Iron Fist, Sasquatch, Maestro Hulk, & BAF Apocalypse! Variants of Bishop, Iron Fist, X-23, Wolverine, Sasquatch & Apocalypse BAF.
Marvel Legends Series 13 (Onslaught Series) ( 10 images) - Released: 2005
- Series 13 contain's Pyro, Abomination (Reg & Var), Green Goblin (Reg & Var), Blackheart, Lady Deathstrike, Loki(Reg & Var), & BAF Onslaught.
Marvel Legends Series 14 (Mojo Series) ( 9 images) - Released: 2005
- Series 14 contain's 1st Appearance Iron Man, Longshot, Baron Zemo, Luke Cage, Falcon, Psylocke, & BAF Mojo. Variants consist of IronMan, Baron Zemo, Luke Cage, Psylocke, Falcon.
Marvel Legends Series 15 (Mojo Series) ( 9 images) - Released: 2006
- Series 15 contain's Beta Ray Bill, Moon Knight (Reg & Var), Spider-Woman (Reg & Var), Thor-buster Iron Man, Wasp (Reg & Var's), Captain Marvel (Reg & Var), The Destroyer, & BAF M.O.D.O.K.
Marvel Legends Wal-Mart Exclusive - (Giant-Man Series) ( 12 images) - Released: 2006
- This set contains Ant-Man, AOA Weapon X (Reg & Var), AOA Sabertooth, Captain Britain, Kitty Pryde, Thor, Warbird, Sentry (Reg & Var), Havoc, & a BAF Giant-Man