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Incredible Hulk Transformations ( 7 images) - Released: 1997
- This series would be aimed more at the collectors and would contain many characters that were only in the comics. All the figures in this series were to the 6-inch scale and were very detailed figures.
Outcasts ( 18 images) - Released: 1997
- The Outcasts line contains several new characters in it, which really added to the Marvel Universe. Some of them were kind of strange, like Two-head, but they were all good. The Wendigo figure was probably the best of the bunch. This line like some of the others were based on the animated series at the time.
The Incredible Hulk Playsets ( 14 images) - Released: 1997
- Figures in the playsets
The Incredible Hulk Series 1 ( 27 images) - Released: 1997
- The first of the Hulk lines would be to the 6" scale and would include mostly Hulks of some sort and a few classic villains. The figures in this line were very well done and did actually fit in with the rest of the Marvel figures despite their larger scale. Collecting note: Bruce Banner & Savage Hulk were released in the same packaging. Banner can be inserted into Savage Hulk.
The Incredible Hulk Series 2: Smash and Crash ( 15 images) - Released: 1997
- The second of the Hulk lines would be to the 5" scale and many of the characters taken right out of the animated series. The figures in this series are really well done and look alot like their animated counterparts. The only down side is that some of the Hulks could be a little bigger since he was bigger than everyone else in the comics.