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This Video Game series had many figures from various video games. They also had several series that contained Marvel characters such as the Marvel vs. Capcom series and X-Men vs. Street Fighter series.

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Xmen vs Street Fighter Series 1 ( 33 images) - Released: 1997
- The first series of X-Men vs. Street Fighter figures featured a good assortment of characters from both sides of the character lists. Most of the X-Men were simple repaints of previous figures. The Street Fighter figures used parts from old figures as well as some newly sculpted ones. All the figures came in two packs with one X-Man and one Street Fighter character.
The packaging style on the first assortment came on a rectangular carding. The next assortment came on a rounded card, likely released around the time of the second wave of figures.
Xmen vs Street Fighter Series 1.5 ( 4 images) - Released: 1997
- This was the exact same series as series 1, but the packaging has a rounded appearance instead of the rectangular appearance.
Xmen vs Street Fighter Series 2 ( 51 images) - Released: 1998
- The second lineup offered a whole bunch of new characters, especially new Street Fighter characters. Not all the figures this time were repaints, as many featured new parts or even a whole new figure. Like before, all the figures came in two packs.
Xmen vs Street Fighter Series 3 ( 12 images) - Released: 1999
- The third assortment featured repaints of many figures in their second player colors. The figures were still released in two packs, but this time each figure came with someone new.