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Another X-Men offshoot, this line would only last two series. It would produce alot of new figures as well as a much needed remake or two. This entire line would all come with a figure stand, which was a great idea.

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= Completed Series

Series 1 ( 29 images) - Released: 1996
- The first Generation X series would give us quite a few characters, as well as a Jubilee figure, which had been absent from the X-Men line. Banshee was originally scheduled to be in this series, but was held back to the second series. All the figures in this line seem a little tall and are not all that well articulated. Still, it gives us a whole cast of characters who had been absent previously.
Series 2 Xmen ( 23 images) - Released: 1996
- The second series of Generation X figures would provide a few more characters like a new Banshee and a White queen as well as another Generation X figure. The figures in this series were better than the figures in the first series in my opinion in terms of sculpt and detail. The figures in this series also came with a figure base for each figure to stand on.
Series 3 XMen (Unreleased - Cancelled) ( 2 images) - Released: 1996
- The third series of Generation X figures was cancelled not very far into production due to low sales of the other series. The lineup would have included Husk, Hemmingway, Ever and Sack, M, and Synch. M and Synch did not get prototype figures, where the others in the series had.