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The Avengers line offered a whole bunch of new figures to the Marvel figure lines. Fans had been waiting for a series like this for awhile, as many Avengers were issued in various other lines. This most of this line was bsaed off the Avengers cartoon series that followed after many of the other Marvel cartoons had stopped.

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Avengers Original Box Set ( 7 images) - Released: 1996
- This set would include all the Avengers that were originally in the comics as they appeared in the comics. This set is very similar to the two X-Men sets that were released. Like the X-Men sets, this set contained some very detailed figures that were excellent likenesses of the characters. These sets were aimed more towards the collector.
Avengers Reborn ( 11 images) - Released: 1996
- This series was a bit different than the other Avengers line as it is to the 6" scale. But it does include some figures who had not gotten figures in a long time or at all. This series was labeled as a collector's series and is still a little tough to find.

Series 1 ( 10 images) - Released: 1997
- This Avengers series is based off the animated series and alot of the characters have a little bit different look to them. The figures are very well done though and look identical to their animated counterparts.
Series 2 ( 10 images) - Released: 1997
- The second series of Avengers would give us a whole new lineup of Avengers to add to the collection. It featured another great lineup of characters, some who had not had figures before.
Series 3 (Unreleased) ( 6 images) - Released: 1997
- The third series of Avengers figures never got released due to low sales, which is a shame since there was supposed to be several good figures in the lineup.