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Treacherous Trios 3 Packs (2005-2009) were a subset of the the WWE Ruthless Aggression styled line. Series 1 was released with little warning and were released in smaller numbers. As was the case with many subset Ruthless Aggression figures, the first few series had new attires for previously released characters. However, as the line went on, the figures released started being direct re-releases of other figures in the primary Ruthless line, as well as the ECW and Adrenaline lines. By Series 10 of Treacherous Trios, the line had ended with the ended relationship between WWE and Jakks Pacific.

In this section of Figure Collections database, you can find all 10 series of Jakks Pacific's WWE Treacherous Trios with checklists, images, and extra information!

Series - Printer Friendly Checklist

= Completed Series

Treacherous Trios Series 01 ( 15 images) - Released: 2005
- Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton
Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Big Show
Undertaker, Heidenreich, and Big Show

Treacherous Trios Series 02 ( 48 images) - Released: 2005
- Trish Stratus, Tyson Tomko and Christian
Set 2: Booker T, Mark Jinkdrak, Kurt Angle
Set 3: Bashams and Orlando Jordan

Treacherous Trios Series 03 ( 36 images) - Released: 2006
- Randy Orton/Bob Orton/Undertaker
Rey Mysterio/Chris Benoit/Batista
Edge/Matt Hardy/Lita

Treacherous Trios Series 04 ( 55 images) - Released: 2006
- Randy Orton/Chris Benoit/Booker T
Mark Henry/Daivari/Kurt Angle

Treacherous Trios Series 05 ( 41 images) - Released: 2007
- Shawn Michaels, Triple H (HHH) and Jonathan Coachman
-Randy Orton, Edge & Carlito
-Booker T, Chavo Guerrero & Rey Mysterio

Treacherous Trios Series 06 ( 30 images) - Released: 2007
- John Cena, Umaga & Armando Estrada,
-Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Jimmy Wany Yang
-Batista, Teddy Long & The Undertaker

Treacherous Trios Series 07 ( 25 images) - Released: 2008
- The Great Khali, Batista, and Undertaker
Randy Orton John Cena and The Coach
CM Punk Tommy Dreamer and Elijah Burke

Treacherous Trios Series 08 ( 25 images) - Released: 2008
- Deuce Domino and Cherry
Zack Ryder Curt Hawkins and Edge
Randy Orton John Cena and Triple H

Treacherous Trios Series 09 ( 10 images) - Released: 2008
- Cryme Tyme and John Cena
Hornswoggle Finlay and JBL
The Miz Matt Hardy and John Morrison

Treacherous Trios Series 10 ( 8 images) - Released: 2009
- Big Show, Undertaker, and The Great Khali
- Chris Jericho, John Cena and CM Punk
Matt Hardy, Edge, and Jeff Hardy