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NFL Starting Lineup was produced from 1988 to 2001. Kenner was purchased by Hasbro in mid-1991, but the line was continued.

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= Completed Series

1988 ( 127 images) - Released: 1988
Atlanta Falcons
-Riggs, Gerald
-Bruce, Aundray
-Campbell, Scott
-Dixon, Floyd
-Casillas, Tony
Buffalo Bills
-Burkett, Chris
-Harmon, Ronnie
-Bennett, Cornelius
-Smith, Bruce
-Kelley, Jim
Chicago Bears
-Singletary, Mike
-Gault, Willie
-Dent, Richard
-Anderson, Neal
-McMahon, Jim
Cincinnati Bengals
-Esiason, Boomer
-Brown, Eddie
-Krumrie, Tim
-Brooks, James
-Collinsworth, Chris
Cleveland Browns
-Kosar, Bernie
-Golic, Bob Mack,
-Kevin Newsome,
-Ozzie Brennan, Brian
Dallas Cowboys
-Jones, Ed
-Dorsett, Tony
-Walker, Herschel
-White, Danny
-White, Randy
-Cosbie, Doug
Denver Broncos
-Winder, Sammy
-Jones, Rulon
-Mecklenburg, Karl
-Elway, John
-Johnson, Vance
Detroit Lions
-Jones, James
-Chadwick, Jeff
-Long, Chuck
-Rogers, Reggie
Green Bay Packers
-Fullwood, Brent
-Davis, Ken
-Lee, Mark
-Epps, Phillip
-Wright, Randy
Houston Oilers
-Highsmith, Alonzo
-Moon, Warren
-Rozier, Mike
-Hill, Drew
-Childress, Ray
Indianapolis Colts
-Dickerson, Eric
-Bickett, Duane
-Brooks, Bill
-Bentley, Albert
-Trudeau, Jack
Kansas City Chiefs
-Cherry, Deron
-Carson, Carlos
-Kenney, Bill
-Okoye, Christian
Los Angeles Raiders
-Allen, Marcus
-Wilson, Marc
-Long, Howie
-Christensen, Todd
Los Angeles Rams
-White, Charles
-Everett, Jim
-Ellard, Henry
-Gray, Jerry
-Ekern, Carl
Miami Dolphins
-Marino, Dan
-Clayton, Mark
-Offerdahl, John
-Stradford, Troy
-Duper, Mark

Minnesota Vikings

-Jordan, Steve

-Nelson, Darrin

-Carter, Anthony

-Browner, Joey

-Kramer, Tommy

New England Patriots

-Eason, Tony

-Morgan, Stanley

-Lippett, Ronnie

-Grogan, Steve

-Tippett, Andre

New Orleans Saints

-Mayes, Rueben

-Jackson, Rickey

-Martin, eric

-Hebert, Bobby

-Waymer, Dave

New York Giants

-Taylor, Lawrence

-Simms, Phil

-Morris, Joe

-Carson, Harry

-Bavaro, Mark

New York Jets

-Gastineau, Mark

-O'Brien, Ken

-McNeil, Freeman

-Toon, Al

-Shuler, Mickey

Philadelphia Eagles

-Byars, Keith

-Toney, Anthony

-White, Reggie

-Quick, Mike

-Cunningham, Randall

Phoenix Cardinals

-Green, Roy

-Mitchell, Stump

-Smith, JT

-Junior, EJ

-Lomax, Neil

Pittsburg Steelers

-Woodson, Rod

-Blackledge, Todd

-Merriweather, Mike

-Lipps, Louis

-Jackson Earnest

San Diego Chargers

-Winslow, Kellen

-Smith, Bill Ray

-Banks, Chip

-Malone, Mark

San Francisco 49ers

Montana, Joe

-Rice, Jerry

-Craig, Roger

-Carter, Michael

-Lott, Ronnie

Seattle Seahawks

-Warner, Curt

-Krieg, Dave

-Green, Jacob

-Bosworth, Brian

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

-Wilder, James

-Jones, Rod

-Davis, Jeff

-Testaverde, Vinny

-Carter, Gerald

Washington Redskins

-Williams, Doug

-Schroeder, Jay

-Manley, Dexter

-Clark, Gary

-Monk, Art

-Green Darrell


1989 ( 86 images) - Released: 1989
1990 Basic Figures ( 54 images) - Released: 1990
- Figures missing in database:

Browns - Felix Wright
Broncos - Simon Fletcher
Bears - Donnell Woolford
Bears - Mike Singletary
Bears - Dennis Gentry
Bears - Dan Hampton
Vikings - Wade Wilson
Vikings - Keith Millard
Giants - Mark Bavaro
Eagles - Clyde Simmons
49ers - Tom Rathman

1991 Basic Figures ( 24 images) - Released: 1991
- Complete series of 1991 figures. For the most part, they were just repackages from 1990, with the exception of a couple new figures.
1992 Basic Figures ( 25 images) - Released: 1992
- The only figure missing is Jeff Hostetler of the Giants
1993 Basic Figures ( 28 images) - Released: 1993
- Included a few new faces, and a couple guys in a new uniform. These pictures include the complete set of 1993.
1994 Basic Figures ( 36 images) - Released: 1994
- As the lines continued to grow shorter, they were very hesitant to add many new faces to the list for the year. Click the link above to see the complete set
1995 Basic Figures ( 40 images) - Released: 1995
- All pictures for this complete set can be found here!
1996 Basic Figures ( 41 images) - Released: 1996
- You can find every image of every 1996 Starting Lineup NFL figure in this section
1997 Basic Figures ( 52 images) - Released: 1997
- This line is complete with all pictures
1998 Basic Figures ( 65 images) - Released: 1998
- You can find every image of every 1998 Starting Lineup NFL figure in this section
1999 Basic Series ( 54 images) - Released: 1999
- All images of the basic series can be found in here
2000 Basic Series ( 52 images) - Released: 2000