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Michael Crichton's book, Jurassic Park, was published in 1990 and the film version, directed by Steven Spielberg, was released in 1993. Kenner's release of the first series of Jurassic Park toys coincided with the release of the film. The toys were so successful that Kenner released a second series of Jurassic Park toys in 1994.

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= Completed Series

Jurassic Park 1 Series 1: Humans ( 5 images) - Released: 1993
- Each human figure came with a weapon, a baby dinosaur figure, and a collector's card. All the human figures have a blue name badge with the JP logo. There were 5 series 1 human action figures. Note that the baby dinosaur figures that came with the human action figures have a small JP logo on them, but no ID number like the large dinosaur toys.
Jurassic Park 1 Series 1: Vehicles & Dinosaurs ( 14 images) - Released: 1993
- The original Jurassic Park toyline included 3 vehicles and 1 large playset. Jurassic Park dinosaur toys are relatively easy to identify because many have a unique ID number next to the JP logo that is stamped on their bodies. All of these items are found right here in our database.
Jurassic Park 1 Series 2: Humans ( 21 images) - Released: 1994
- Since series 1 did so well, Kenner decided to release a second line of figures the following year.
Jurassic Park 1 Series 2: Vehicles & Dinosaurs ( 20 images) - Released: 1994
- Some Jurassic Park Series 2 toys were repaints of Series 1 figures, but there were many new toys made. Each Series 2 dinosaur came with a collector's card and capture gear: some sort of muzzle/shackles to restrain the dinosaur. Just like the Series 1 dinosaurs, Series 2 dinosaurs have an ID number stamped on them, making them easy to identify.
Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World Series 1 ( 0 images) - Released: 1997
- Cyclops Raptor, Dieter Stark, Eddie Carr, Ian Malcom (2 versions), Junior T-Rex, Nick Van Owen (2 versions), Peter Ludlow, Raptor, Roland Tembo (2 versions), Sarah Harding, and Trike.
Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World Series 2 ( 0 images) - Released: 1997
- Ajay, Eddie Carr, Gnasher, Nick Van Owen, Steel Jaw