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The Simpsons had been on the air for about 10 seasons with over one hundred characters introduced throughout the running of the show when the World of Springfield line made its debut from Playmates. America’s animated first-family had a toy line released by Mattel in 1990, and due to low sales, Mattel cancelled series 2. After a decade of no mass marketed toys on the shelves, Playmates Toys entered the picture.

Up to that point, Playmates Toys was known to collectors as the long-running manufacturer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Looking for another hit, Playmates acquired the license for The Simpsons at the end of 1999 and debuted figures for the first two series at Toy Fair 2000.

Unlike other toy lines based off TV shows, they wanted to create not only an assortment of figures but different parts of the iconic city of Springfield for the figures to interact with. By the end of its run, The Simpsons’ World of Springfield line encompassed over 200 different figures, hundreds of Simpsons inspired accessories, and nearly forty environments.

Series - Printer Friendly Checklist

= Completed Series

Bobblers ( 2 images) - Released: 2002
- Series Inlcuded - Krusty and Homer

Dioramas and Environments (2000) ( 53 images) - Released: 2000
- Diorama replica playsets released in the year 2000. The Living Room (with Marge and Maggie) and The Power Plant (with Radioactive Homer) were released first.
Asst. 2 included Springfield Elementary (w/ Principal Skinner) and the Kwik-E-Mart (w/ Apu). The Springfield Cemetary / Treehouse of Horror was released at the end of the year 2000 and was exclusive to Toys R Us.
Dioramas and Environments (2001 Exclusives) ( 24 images) - Released: 2001
- Alien Ship with Kang, Kodos and Alien Ship Homer Simpson (Toys R Us Exclusive)
The Lunar Base with Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy (Milhouse)(EB Games Exclusive)
Family Christmas Set with All Simpsons Family Members (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Dioramas and Environments (2001) ( 27 images) - Released: 2001
- The third installment of Dioramas and Environments included:
Krusty-Lu Studios with Sideshow Bob
Townhall with Mayor Quimby.
Asst. 4 Included:
Comic Book Shop with Comic Book Guy
Bowl-a-Rama with Pin Pal Apu
The Next assortment in the year included:
The First Church of Springfield with Reverend Lovejoy
The Arcade with Jimbo Jones
The last non-exclusive assortment included:
Krusty Burger with Pimply-Faced Teen
The Simpsons Kitchen with Muumuu Homer
Dioramas and Environments (2002 Exclusives) ( 43 images) - Released: 2002
- Toys R Us Exclusives
Lurleen's Trailer Mobile Home with Lurleen Lumpkin and Colonel Homer
Treehouse of Horror 3: Ironic Punishment with Donuthead Homer, Witch Marge, Hugo, and Dream Invader Willie
Bowling Alley with Bowling Marge and Jacques
Main Street with Crazy Old Man and Squeeky Voiced Teen
Family New Year with The Simpsons Family
EB Games Exclusives:
High School Prom with High School Marge and Homer
KBBL Studios with Bill and Marty
Dioramas and Environments (2002) ( 36 images) - Released: 2002
- Released first this year were:
Springfield BMV with Selma Bouvier
School Cafeteria with Lunchlady Doris
The second asst of the year included:
Police Station with Eddie
Springfield Retirement Castle with Jasper
3rd asst. of 2002 included:
Mr. Burns Manor with Pajama Mr Burns
Doctor's Office with Dr. Nick Riviera
The final non-exclusive set included
Courtroom with Judge Snyder
Dioramas and Environments (2003 Exclusives) ( 29 images) - Released: 2003
- EB Games Exclusives
Moe's Tavern with Duffman
Future Burns with Future Burns and Smithers, and Bobo Smithers
Toys R Us Exclusives:
THOH 4: Collector's Lair with The Collector, Clobber Girl Lisa, Stretch Dude Bart, Lucy Lawless
Be Sharp Centennial with Dolittle Wiggum
Original Simpsons with The Original Simpsons Family
Dioramas and Environments (2003) ( 26 images) - Released: 2003
- Three Dioramas were released in 2003 at all different points in the year.
Bart's Treehouse with Military Bart
Military Antiques with Herman
Aztec Theatre with McBain

Three non interactive environments were also released in the summer of 2003.
Outside Simpsons House with Homer, Marge, and Maggie
Outside Kwik-E-Mart with Grandpa & Apu
Outside Krustylu Studios with Krusty & Milhouse
Dioramas and Environments (2004) ( 19 images) - Released: 2004
- Nuclear Power Plant Lunch Room with Frank Grimes
Town Square with Jebediah Springfield

Exclusive 3 Packs ( 1 images) - Released: 2002
- Bongo Comic 3 Pack. Ingestible Bulk (Homer Simpson), Vampiredna (Ms Krabappel), Captain Kiwk (Apu)

Mailaway Exclusive Figures ( 36 images) - Released: 2002-2003
- Stonecutters and Be Sharp version of iconic Simpsons characters

Mini Figures ( 8 images) - Released: 2002
- Deep Space and Baseball Sets

The Simpsons Celebrity Series 01 ( 17 images) - Released: 2002
- Set Included: Phil Hartman as Troy McClure, Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony, Danny DeVito as Herb Powell
The Simpsons Celebrity Series 02 ( 19 images) - Released: 2002
- Set Included: Phil Hartman as Lionel Hutz,, Albert Brooks as Brad Goodman. Rabbi Krustofsky was planned for this series but was cancelled.

The Simpsons Series 01 ( 59 images) - Released: 2000
- Set Included: Bart Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Homer Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Lisa Simpson, and Montgomery Burns
The Simpsons Series 02 ( 43 images) - Released: 2000
- Set Included: Barney, Chief Wiggum, Pin Pal Homer, Ned Flanders, Sunday Best Bart, and Smithers
The Simpsons Series 03 ( 47 images) - Released: 2000
- Set Included: Kamp Krusty Bart, Milhouse, Moe, Nelson, Otto, and Sunday Best Homer
The Simpsons Series 04 ( 49 images) - Released: 2001
- Set Included: Casual Homer, Itchy & Scratchy, Groundskeeper Willie, Lenny, Patty Bouvier, and Ralph Wiggum
The Simpsons Series 05 ( 37 images) - Released: 2001
- Set Included: Bartman, Bumblebee Man, Captain McCallister, Kent Brockman, Martin Price, and Sideshow Mel
The Simpsons Series 06 ( 32 images) - Released: 2001
- Set Included: Bleeding Gums Murphy, Carl, Dr. Hibbert, Mascot Homer, Professor Frink, and Snake
The Simpsons Series 07 ( 41 images) - Released: 2001
- Set Included: Cletus, Dolph, Edna Krabappel, Hans Moleman, Officer Marge, and Officer Lou
The Simpsons Series 08 ( 36 images) - Released: 2002
- Set Included: Daredevil Bart, Kearney, Ragin' Willie, Sherri & Terri, Superintendent Chalmers, and Uter
The Simpsons Series 09 ( 31 images) - Released: 2002
- Set included: Busted Krusty the Clown, Disco Stu, Prison Sideshow Bob, Rod & Todd Flanders, Sunday Best Grampa, and Sunday Best Lisa
The Simpsons Series 10 ( 29 images) - Released: 2002
- Set Included: Dr. Marvin Monroe, Resort Smithers, Scout Leader Flanders, Stonecutter Homer, Sunday Best Marge & Maggie, and Wendell. Hank Scorpio, a planned figure in the Celebrity Series line, was released in some series ten waves.
The Simpsons Series 11 ( 50 images) - Released: 2003
- Set included: Blue Haired Lawyer, Gil, Kirk Van Houton, Larry Burns, Plow King Barney, and Reiner Wolfcastle.
The Simpsons Series 12 ( 42 images) - Released: 2003
- Set Included: Database, Don Vittorio, Luann Van Houten, Mr. Largo, Mr. Plow Homer, and Number One
The Simpsons Series 12.5 ( 8 images) - Released: 2003
- Moe and Mr. Burns released in slightly different colors to give collectors who already owned the figures a reason to buy them again!
The Simpsons Series 13 ( 40 images) - Released: 2003
- Set Included: Dr. Stephen Hawking, Freddy Quimby, Helen Lovejoy, Legs, Princess Kashmir, and Tuxedo Krusty
The Simpsons Series 14 ( 37 images) - Released: 2003
- Set Included: Louie, Luigi, Miss Hoover, Ms. Botz, Kilted Willie, and Sarcastic Man
The Simpsons Series 15 ( 48 images) - Released: 2004
- Set Included: Brandine, Comic Book Guy, Deep Space Homer, Handsome Moe, Manjula, and the Octuplets
The Simpsons Series 16 ( 41 images) - Released: 2004
- Set Included: Agnes Skinner, Artie Ziff, Benjamin & Gary, Brain Freeze Bart, Doug, and Evil Homer

Toy Fare Exclusive ( 24 images) - Released: 2001
- Pin Pal Moe & Pin Pal Mr Burns, Boxing Homer, Comic Book Guy, and Radioactive Homer (Glow in the Dark) were exclusive to Toyfare magazine subscribers who mailed in the offer.
Vehicles ( 3 images) - Released: 2000
- Elementary School Bus, The Homer, and The Family Car